Thank You for an AMAZING 2 years!

Although I started selling bags 3 years ago after my trip to the DRC, it was only 2 years ago that I was sitting with Ms. Yolanda at my computer filling out the papers needed to start my LLC.

Selling these beautiful handmade bags, to anyone from children to moms, seeing that it could make any girl and woman out there add a piece of uniqueness to her closet has been my joy and strength for the past 2 years.

Unfortunately, there’s been a loss in the EN family: I recently found out that the person who I have worked with to design my bags for the past 3 years has passed away due to illness. They were an amazing person who when I went to the DRC and had my outfits made, took the time to make sure all my measurements were right and the quality. I have truly been blessed.

Within the past months, I have ventured out to figure out others who can do my bags and still bring the quality and importance of what this brand stands for. It has been a process that is quite complex and stressful without me being able to go to the DRC physically and thus I have decided to discontinue the line Purses of Purpose

The last purses on my Etsy page will be the last purses sold. If you haven’t, I hope you will find the chance to grab one so that you can also share a part of a moment, now turning to a memory, that I have worked so hard to create.

What Now EN? Purses of Purpose is EN’s only line right now thus meaning that Esther Nzuzi LLC will also be paused until further notice. With only two years left in engineering school, a new job/career opportunity in my dream industry that I to this day still believe I am dreaming about, I am taking the time to make sure I am staying on top of my health mentally, physically, and emotionally & to make sure that both those priorities get my full attention.

What’s Next EN? I have grown my EN team tremendously over the past couple months, and we are brainstorming ideas. We’re looking into jewelry. Please feel free to talk to us about what is in the works or how you can get involved. We hope to come back stronger and better.

Until then,

Stay colorful, stay creative, keep adding the POP of color in your life. You are wonderfully made EN gal ❤


Esther Nzuzi Phambu

CEO & Founder

Thank you:

to my mom & dad for helping me start my business and investing in me; Ms. Yolanda for being such an amazing coach, understanding & patient; Aliya my best friend for allowing me to use her famous backyard for all our official pics and failed boomerangs; Ali for sitting down with me countless times to talk about my anxieties of being a young entrepreneur; Luke for helping a girl out in the first days of her website; Richelle, Alexis, Maya, Victoria, Shiqian, for being a support & believing in this, looking forward to coming back better and stronger<3 ; and for everyone who bought a bag, who loved it, who passed it on to others to love, y’all know who you are ❤




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