Esther In Vietnam: Food & Drinks

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I drank more coffee in the week I was in Ho Chi Minh than I did in my entire lifetime.

The best part about traveling is experiencing all the different foods. I have to say though, the drinks were lifesavers in the hot ninety degree weather. The next stop after service would be either the college cmapus restaurant for a fruity drink or a local coffee shop.

For those who know me, you know that I hate coffee. To wake myself up, I prefer to stick to lemon water. (I know, call me bougie) But going to coffee shops happened to be the easiest(CHEAPEST) places to spend our free time so of course, I went for it:

My favorite coffee drink was from Highlands Coffee, which isn’t pictured above.

Here are two of my favorite fruity drinks from the college campus restaurant where we stayed at:


Every.bite. Every bite was a bite with a whole lot of savor in it. My favorite foods in Vietnam were definitely the egg rolls(which I made a video on) and the pork!!!! Wow anytime I’d have pork, it would be so GOOD!


4 thoughts on “Esther In Vietnam: Food & Drinks

  1. I love Vietnamese coffee! When I was in Ho Chi Minh I bought a kilo of weasle coffee to bring back to Canada. If you get a chance, you need to try egg coffee! It’s a cup of a sweet frothy cloud *drool*


    1. Thank you for commenting! I never originally planned to go to Vietnam, it was an opportunity that sprang up out of the blue, the country reached beyond my expectations. The people were soooo nice! I absolutely want to go back!

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