12 Hour JetLags & Warm Weather

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Tylenol was my best friend. Dehydration my worst enemy.

I think I was popping two Tylenol pills a day for at least three days before my body decided it agreed that I was in a different time zone. Someone told me that a 12 hour jetlag is easier to deal with than a 6 hour jetlag. I couldn’t disagree more. If I was supposed to be awake I was tired, If I wasn’t supposed to be awake, I was awake. I couldn’t eat full meals and didn’t realize that until after the second day. (It’s a terrible feeling to be on a food justice trip and waste food) It wasn’t until much later in the week that I began to eat full plates. I was fortunate enough not to get too sick, but it would not be until Day of Service 2(3rd day in the city) that I would start feeling okay. Because it was always a scorchin’ ninety degrees, & all the days we were there no rain would fall, my water would always be warm thus it made it harder to drink like I should. We were told to beware of consuming ice cubes(I let that go after day 2) so that was no help. Dehydration the first two days were my worst enemy, but I soon caught on and whenever we were in a food setting, I would order cold drinks like crazy(even iced coffee which sounds counterproductive to hydration).

IMG_0153 2

Thanks Jason Lin for capturing me in my most natural habitat, post 16ish hour flight, skin all oily, skin broken out,  dehydrated to the T but smile on my face cause I found a Popeyes at the Hong Kong Airport.


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